Smells that do you good

A brief discussion of an oft overlooked sensual pleasure that’s actually guilt free and essentially free – it’s the smells, the aromas of life, all around us that make us feel good. You know when you sometimes get that sudden unexpected lift in your day and you look around and realize you’ve just walked by a café or a bakery, or sniffed someone damn fine strolling by. Yes, that sort of thing- smells that do you good.


Food related smells – freshly brewed coffee, fresh bread, toast (you cannot over-rate the pleasure that toast wafting on the breeze, or air-con brings, a comfort and simple reassurance that the world is okay), a ripe tomato, blue cheese, roast meats, eggs and bacon, frying onions (a favourite in my house), garlic and ginger, a good home made curry, warm soup and a Bundy and Coke – the only way to drink rum.


Outdoors, the nature bits – newly mown grass (that’s usually one to take you back to some of your happier childhood days); roses and other fragrant flowers; being surrounded by trees in an old growth forest if you’re in Oz – the world smells both fresh and old all at the same time; the beach, especially the smell of salt on the spray from the sea; newly baled hay in fields and barns.



Tropics – a specific topic because the smells there are so specific and over-whelming – tropical gardens with frangipani and ginger; a Dry morning where you can smell the crispness and coolness in the air; a Build Up day where the smell of oppression and heat smothers you; the rain smells different here, strong rain, rain bouncing off the asphalt, rain cleaning and cooling everything so you can breath again and smell the freshness and wonder of the tropics.

darwin heliconias


Other smells – this is where your own chemistry and preferences come into play- things like your baby, especially their head when they’re new, your partner – it was their smell that rang your chemical bells and made them so madly attractive (does it still?). Perfumes – for me it’s Estee Lauder Youth Dew, Channel No 4, Opium (showing my age!). Clean shampooed hair, aromatic candles, sandalwood incense, clean sheets, the smell of the Laundromat and finally for me, my dog – his doggy aroma pervades the house and my senses and makes me feel the world is a good place, be he dry or wet, or bit extra fragrant his is the smell that does me most good.


So, over to you – what smells herein do you accord with and what are your own specials sensations that tickle your schnozz and make you feel better?  (Images courtesy Google Images and Private Collection)


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