Be Grateful

As we rest a moment between the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year, take a breath and appreciate what is GOOD in your world, what you have to be grateful for. Yes, it’s time to stop a while and smell the roses, look at your life and be happy for what is there, not regretful for what is not. I know it can be hard, but now is a good time, before (and if) you launch into New Year resolutions in a few days time.


Things you need to focus on

Your health – you’re still alive, a bit older, a bit achier, but your body is still there for you – perhaps you should be a bit kinder to it??


Your home – you have a roof over your head, whether rented or owned, you have somewhere to feel safe, to relax, to be you in.


Your job – it may have its problems but it is important to work, to have something meaningful to do with your day, a place where you are respected, liked and add to the world. Be grateful you do something useful, that you make a difference.


Your friends – truly amazing and special people who know you and love and you need to itemize their glowing features, remember why they mean so much to you. (Equally applies to family)

Your family – the ones who are always there, despite the tears, the years, the distance, the falling out, the forgiveness. Hold your family close before you lose them, appreciate them and be grateful for them before it’s too late. Family= love.

magic 3

You – have a look at yourself too. Are you okay with yourself this year – have you achieved, moved on, been strong, been kind, are you are better person for your struggles? Nothing diminishes you if you let your failings teach you.

Consider what you have, before you look at changing for the New Year. Be aware of the GOOD in your life. It is there. Stop. Look at it. Smile. You have an abundant life. (Pictures courtesy of Phoenix Bewsher & Private Collection)


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2 Responses to “Be Grateful”

  1. karen thorpe Says:

    happy new year
    I love reading your work Jackie

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