A world in two halves

Have you noticed how much of the world divides neatly in two? Consider your own life and have a look at this week’s list – a life of two paths, two parts, two ways to live your one and only life – which alternative is you? I’m sure there’s a deep personality indicator here, but my Psych degree is years out of date!




Herein a list of opposites, in no particular order, of things you cannot be at the same time:

Beautiful and ugly

Rich and poor

Kind and mean

Smart and dumb (as opposed to educated and stupid, which you definitively can be!)

God-fearing and God-less

Brave and meek

Optimistic and pessimistic

Hobbit and Pirate – think about it…

Fat and thin

Happy and sad

Old and young


Self centred and considerate

Ignorant and aware

Reader and stupid – you knew it would be here somewhere!

Poet and banker – please tell me otherwise, I’d love this to be untrue!

Superstitious and rational

Indoors and outside

Patient and intolerant

Cheerful and miserable

Cat people and dog people

Married and single

Wise and immature

Gullible and skeptical – spell orange slowly…

Captain and crew

Civilized and barabarian

Country and city – or grass and steel

Neat and messy

Builders and destroyers

Shallow and deep

Champagne and beer

Nick and Tom – this is for you, Greta Creed

Pooh and Tigger

Gandalf and Sauron

Ratty and Mole

Sherbet and Skyhooks – remember?

Lion and lamb


So, you have two challenges:

  1. Add your own exclusive opposites to my list, which is by no means exhaustive
  2. Check off where you sit and see if tells you anything you didn’t already know about who you are and how you live your life… (Images courtesy Private Collection and Phoenix Bewsher)

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