3 Steps to Happiness

How goes the happiness quest? Have you been practising little moments of happiness, noticing the lovely and finding the joy in the world? It is a tricky quest, so let’s remind ourselves of how we can manage it.




Happiness is not the destination, it is the journey and it is within all of us – we just have to believe that and dig deep. I know in an adversarial world this can be hard to accept at times. Yet again it’s been a rugged world out there – nationally we’ve been on strike, the UK government has gone into bile overload; Tony Abbot continues to embarrass and outrage in equal amounts; parts of the world continue to explode and we try and recover from the shock of Rolf Harris. And of course, our own personal struggles and challenges continue, doing their best to drown us and mire us in misery.

There’s a bit of buzz about happiness this weekend in the papers and on Radio 2 yesterday, there were three simple things were meant to make us happy.

1.Finding unexpected money

2. The sunset/sunrise

3. I forget, but think it was having a laugh – we’ll go with that!



My happiness revolves around my family, writing and reading, eating (I count entertaining here) and sleeping – that’s my three big happiness-makers. But in an interesting twist I read that you should not rely on others, on external things to make you happy, you must find it in yourself. If you rely on others for happiness what happens when they let you down, or leave you?



True happiness needs to be built on your own ability to make happiness, to accept that you have control over your emotions; that you control how you feel. So, think about the following and pick three that work for you

*If you believe you deserve to be happy you will be

*If you look for happiness you will find it – not everyone finds their family a bundle of joy, if you do you are blessed and will be happy

*If you take notice of the small moments they will build into larger moments, more sustainable moments – so when you wake on Saturday morning and the sun is shining and it’s a work free day and you feel a surge of happy make sure you do something that keeps that feeling bubbling along

*If you keep away from toxic environments and people it will help you – these things can eat you alive, draining any hope of happiness

*If you find something to do that makes you happy then try to do it as often as possible – the gym or exercise can be like this, writing is for me, buy flowers once a week: the list is endless

*If you have special places that make you happy, you should go there too – a walk in the woods, a stroll by the sea – the beach and the water always do it for me!





You can learn to be happy. You aren’t here to be miserable and sad, it is a waste of a life. As a happy person you will be a better person, more productive, more alive and more able to make the world a better place – and it needs to be!! Do your bit in your little part of the world to make it better – BE Happy.




What are your three steps to happiness, what are you doing this weekend to make yourself happy, to make the world a better place? (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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