Not My Finest Week…

In all honesty it’s been a shit of a week. I know bad things happen all the time and we’re all quite used to life not being sunshine and thorn-free roses, but some weeks are more full of shit than others. This is such a week.

I know there are, as ever, horrendous things happening, and there are a great many parts of the planet that you do not want to live in no matter what. But this week, this particular week I’d rather not be in my part of London, but in a cave somewhere, preferably by a beach, where I can be simply left alone.

deviot jetty

I have had worse weeks, and I know others have had a rough week too, and while that’s no real comfort, it is a reminder that life spends its time going up and down. If you follow the Tarot, or subscribe to Shakespeare you are familiar with the Wheel of Fortune. It is ever rolling on, and you’re always stuck to the wheel, either moving up, or moving down. It is that inevitability of the down that sucks. Oh, if only we could keep going up, or perhaps be on a small wheel, where the gaps between the apex and the pit are kinder, less extreme. Oh, for a kinder life!

So, following that line next week should see a movement upwards. But, dear reader, I am not holding my breath. Instead I am going to make some counter moves of my own and do a bit of shit-removing from my life.


Try these on for size

1.Keep my own mouth shut more often – think it but don’t say it

2.Ignore the idiots and the fools that populate my life, knowing most of them are only temporary visitors in my soap-opera

3.Take some advice from someone who knows more about certain things than I do – yes, take professional advice when needed

4.Firm up my escape plans, ensure they will enable a stress free move to the next chapter – perhaps sooner than anticipated…

5.Be with people I love – and hopefully laugh, feel some joy and stop feeling sorry for myself!

6.Go for a walk, get some fresh air in my lungs and endorphins in my brain

7.Drink wine, because no matter what’s gone down, everything looks better once you’ve had a glass or two (all right bottle or two) of your favourite wine.

I’m sure you have your own solutions to add to my meager list. Just remember: shit happens, sometimes all at once, but perhaps that means we get it out of the way for a while? You can only hope… (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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2 Responses to “Not My Finest Week…”

  1. Val Cobbin Says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rubbish week. Sometimes you’re the dog, and sometimes you’re the lamp post as the lovely saying goes…I think it helps, if, as you are, you can be philosophical about bad stuff happening. It all passes, both the good and the bad. And in the meantime, we’ve got to do what helps: books, poetry, wine, music, films, good telly, having a laugh with friends etc. Keep buggering on and hopefully next week will be better.


    • jactherat Says:

      thanks for your kind words, great saying – yes, it won’t last but in the middle of it it can feel like it will. I’m sure next week will be better too. cheers, Jac

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