Comfort Food

As I write this it’s raining – which is fine as I like the rain and it hasn’t rained for a while. But rain keeps you indoors and makes you think of fires and being snuggled up safe and warm inside, or a day watching movies, or in bed reading, ignoring the world. You can watch the weather beat and moan and whip the world, while you’re all nice and snug in your own little cocoon. And it makes you think of food – food that comforts and nourishes your soul as well as your spirit. So I got to thinking about comfort food and compiled this little list. A list of simple, every day foodstuffs that can make you feel so much better.


Bread type products

Peanut butter and fresh bread

Vegemite and toast – at all times of the day

Honey and toast

Tomatoes on toast – with butter and salt and pepper

Toasted ham and cheese sandwich – perhaps with tomatoes

Toast, just with butter, just the smell of toast is enough really

And of course, fresh bread which always smells divine, always makes you feel better – especially warm and buttered


Hot and savoury

Soup – in a mug or a bowl, packet or home made, as long as it’s thick and hot, but preferably Pumpkin or Tomato

Sausages – I do like a thin BBQ beef snag or 3, in bread with sauce; or a thick pork English sausage with Bramley apples

Sausage rolls with tomato sauce

Eggs and bacon – simple and wonderful

Scrambled eggs – with thickly cut toast

Roast chook – what is better, other than a leg of lamb on the Weber?

Fish and chips – wrapped in white paper, oozing with moist heat

Baked beans on toast (does this belong above?)


Sweet Treats

Wagon wheels – a childhood favourite, guaranteed to make you feel better

Hot chocolate – made with warm milk

Marshmallows – out of the pack, in your hot chocolate or melted in the fire

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate

Any sort of chocolate really…

Scones – all sorts, must be homemade – plain with jam and cream, date, cheese, and pumpkin

Cup-cakes – I’ll settle for store bought but the best cup-cakes I’ve ever had were made by my wonderful big girl when she was better than anything on telly!


Comfort foods are simple things, often from childhood, often reminiscent of gentler, kinder times – certainly times when we felt loved and protected. So, what are your comfort foods, what treat fills you with pleasure and happiness every time – just the thought of it makes you smile?

Oh, and quite possibly wine too – red wine in front of the fire, with your marshmallows and toast! (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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2 Responses to “Comfort Food”

  1. folamibayode Says:

    Jammy Wagon Wheels are my guilty pleasure! Not the plain ones, never those. It has to be the jammy ones. I carried 4 large packets with me when I moved to the Netherlands. More supplies arriving with visitors next week. In time for the winter months. Yummy 🙂

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