Celebrate… because life is short

Life is over in a flash. It’s made of wonderful moments and terrible times. The trick is to make the most of the good times, so that we can survive the shit that comes around all too often. So this week, think about the things in your life that you can celebrate. Celebrate the small things and the bigger things – they all matter, they all help us live our lives to the full.

Some small things…

Losing 5 kilos in a month – the pain is worth it!

Getting fit and strong – living better and longer is also worth it

Passing your driving theory test – no matter how many goes

Surviving the week at work – no mean feat for many of us

Making it to the end of term – utter bliss

Not opening your mouth and speaking!!

Making new friends


The big bits…

Getting married

Having a baby, having lots of babies

Buying your own house

Graduation – completing any qualification is a big deal, so stick with it

The Prom – the chance to be utterly beautiful and happy

Getting that job, being promoted

Getting published

Getting engaged

Birthdays are most important – because you’re still alive, because getting older is something to be pleased about, because you should celebrate life – yours and others.

Christmas – because family and being together matters, every year


These lists have many possibilities. What would your list look like?

If we don’t celebrate the small wins, the special little moments and the small personal victories, if we don’t count them up and remember them it makes the bad times all the harder to survive. So, find something to celebrate this weekend, and smile, life is good, especially here as we gather to celebrate the baby girl’s birthday – the last of the teenage years. (Images courtesy Private Collection)


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