Dear Santa

I’m not going to waste your time by asking for world peace, although it really would be a good thing. Instead perhaps when you’re distributing presents across the world you could do a bit of a redistribution of wealth and equality as well. Now that would be something worth having for Christmas. But perhaps I need to lower my expectations a tad?

pinky & the tree

I would like to ask for a better world, a kinder, less menacing and threatening world. Too many people live in fear these days – actual bodily fear as well as cyber-threats. Why have we become so ugly to each other, Santa? When did nasty become our default mode? Why do we have proliferation of TV shows where we vote people off? Why is so much cast in the negative, thank you politicians of all persuasions. Why do people feel they can spew bile and venom on the internet, just because they are hidden, miles away from the person they are bullying or threatening? I know it’s a fine line between free speech and totalitarian repression but surely we’re smart enough to find it again and stay there?

Can all bullies be struck down now – is that too much to ask, really, for a better world?


I want the planet left alone too. I want this endless exploitation of its resources to slow. I want there to be a move away from profit at all costs, to the planet herself and to her peoples. There’s not going to be much left if the greedy and the corrupt are allowed to pursue their aims. I despair of the future, Santa, what can we do?

xmas snow

I do want a just world. A place where your gender, your religion, your place of birth does not define your life, your chances. Why, in the twenty-first century is there so much poverty, inequity, and violence – most of it launched at the most vulnerable in our world? Once I naively thought that politicians were there for the people, the ordinary people, especially in places like England and Australia. But it’s all too obvious that the ordinary people all over the world do NOT have a voice; do NOT matter any more. The austerity movement is alive and well and crucifying the many for the few. Ah me, it is a nasty little world.

T&P Xmas

So Santa I want three things for the world:

1.Kindness to become our mode de jour

2.Equality of opportunity for all, no matter where, or who

3.For people to get the presents they deserve – I’m hoping for a Karmic Klaus response here, Santa, and I have a bit of a list if you’re interested.


For myself, just a few simple things:

1.For my family to remain healthy and happy: keep living large lives – always feel the love and know the joy they bring me

2.For my friends to remain my friends and have good lives for many years to come

3.To win lotto or get a publishing contract for my amazing book (Ophelia, if you’re interested, Santa – something you could drop down chimneys as presents next year) so I can leave the world of Education and work behind once and for all and live a gentler, sweeter life myself!

family xmas

What do you want for Christmas then? Think global, then act local. Merry Christmas, dear friends, xx

(Images courtesy Private Collection)


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2 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Dear Jackie,

    I love to read your thoughtful, inspirational and reflective writing. I wish you every success in getting your book published and I hope your dreams come true in 2015. Keep dreaming big!

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