Finding Joy in the Small Things

Because a colleague noted this week that there was no longer any joy in teaching I was contemplating exploring this issue – in the wake of OFSTED many of us feel this way. But instead I’ve reached into the archives and found an old post about finding the joy in our lives. Methinks it’s a timely reminder for us all – OFSTED survivors and the rest of us making our way in this increasingly dark world of ours.

Joy is there, just make sure you look hard and make it so, yourself.

Happiness can be hard to find at the best of times, so in hard times it can be harder still! But look around, notice the minutiae of your life and you will find there is joy. “If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him,” says Nick Carraway of Jay Gatsby. Thus, a series of small moments of joys can lead us to happiness.


Try these on for size

A warm smile from someone you love

The smell of fresh coffee

A meal cooked by someone else

Cooking something for others – a cake, dinner


Sleeping in of a weekend

Walking your dog – doing anything with your dog!


Having chickens (for you Phu)

Watching a silly movie

Laughing out loud

Listening to your favourite song

Singing out loud

Fresh flowers

The sun in the morning

Rain, when you’re inside and snug, looking out

Snow – especially snow days

A beautifully cleaned kitchen – or bathroom, etc

Putting the laundry away

Kindness of strangers

A good book

Writing your blog!

The Sunday papers


Top Gear (I confess I love it)

Being with your friends, your family, your beloved daughters & son

An unexpected email from afar

Skyping with the far flung kinder

Someone ‘liking’ you on FB or your blog

Friday evening, with the weekend ahead…

Summer evenings


I’m sure you can add many, many more. But it’s a start and a good idea, don’t you think – look for the small joys and the big happiness will find you. Joy is still there, it’s up to you to find it again! (Pictures from Private Collection)



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