Jactherat is a collection of musings & opinions about  the world: mostly relationships, Writing, Education, foolishness and dreams; not to mention chocolate, love and desire; and bits of unexpected joy. Jac is a published and prize winning writer and vastly experienced educator.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I am looking forward to this journey……

  2. Elroy Tinnerello Says:

    niceeeee dude #45

  3. Flora Dunbar Says:

    I came upon your words of wisdom about sunshine and shadow as I was considering my own phrase, “everything grows in sunlight and shadow…” as a comment that links to an image I use for my psychotherapy practice. I wondered if I might use your piece (with full citation) in literature I distribute for clients.
    Thanks for considering,
    Flora Dunbar

    • jactherat Says:

      Hi Flora
      I’m glad the piece resonates with you and yes, providing there is full citation, I am happy for you to use my piece. There are other pieces on my blog about well-being and finding positives wherever possible. Should there be other pieces you find useful for your clients please let me know. If you could let me know the details of your usage, eg the publication, name of your practice I would appreciate that too, for my own professional citations.
      All the best
      Jackie Swift – Jactherat

  4. Jules Says:

    Hi Jackie!

    I was exploring giftedness and came across a Guardian article of yours. ..just been exploring/enjoying some themes here that resonate too. Possessions, love – and loss – comfort food…!
    One key reason I felt compelled to comment: I was , at junior school age, very shy, ultra gifted at reading and English generally. Because of this particular gift in itself, at that school I was always either top or joint top of the class (that school having this method of assessment). Then later a strong flair for languages popped up….

    Sadly my life (overall ) has on the face of it not reflected such promise. It’s complicated – but how I wish such enlightened encouragement had been a little more to the fore ‘in them days’.

    I have many ideas ….what do you feel about adult late bloomers ? My own life experiences suggest we have SO far to go in society to reach out both to the aforementioned late bloomers, and to the less privileged (clearly not only or necessarily in material terms), the vulnerable, isolated, even abused. Including those being let down daily. The elephant is so massive in the room , we’re (as a world ) too often blind and deadened to its nearness. Or – it’s in a side room!

    Look forward to reading more of your blog – thank you .Sorry this got a bit lengthy.. clearly the issue spoke to me !


    • jactherat Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and it sent you to other places. Giftedness remains a difficult issue and schools are not good with it – the prevailing ‘wisdom’ seems to be that they will be all right, when the evidence is quite contrary to that. But with shrinking budgets and students with more and more needs there are only so many things that can be done. But we live in an economy not a society and while that remains too many people will fall through the cracks.
      I heartily approve of adult learning -better to be a late bloomer than not to bloom at all!
      Good luck on your journey. xx

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