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Not enough time… A short poem

September 30, 2012

There are not enough hours in my day

Too much work, never enough play

Weekends roll around too fast

Snooze and nod and they’ve run on past

I need some space

Some free play from the constancy of the rat race

To write erudite chapters, up-date fan fiction, write my blog

Without it all feeling like a never-ending slog

A life less frantic

Spent somewhere coastal, perhaps the Atlantic

Would suffice this person longing to be an ex-teacher

So I could write and be, adrift amongst dreams, lazing on beaches

If Time is an illusion

That would explain my confusion, my constant delusion

That I can do it all, if I just worked a bit harder, smarter

Before I succumb to endless darkness: sacrificed: Art & Work’s martyr.

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