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Who Do You Hate Now (that Michael Gove has gone)?

July 19, 2014

Hate is a powerful emotion, as powerful as love, possibly as destructive as love, but without the power to heal and redeem us. So, dear friends, what do you do when someone you hate is no longer there, when the figure of all your negativity, your anger and frustration with your world is gone? To wit, what do we do now Michael Gove is no longer running Education in the UK?

It’s easy to see why Cameron has removed him. In the end Gove was too divisive, too antagonistic, too easy to hate and blame. It was a powerful move, bust him down to Chief Whip, losing more money than many of us earn in a year from his salary, before he got locked in the loo. The Gove haters amongst us could not have hoped for more. If ever there was confirmation that Karma existed here it was.

The man who had spat vitriol and bile at teachers for the last four years, who had marched through his agenda for change with nary a thought for students, or parents, or schools or consequences had got his come-uppance. Indeed the viral world was full of rejoicing. Which was fair enough. And it was made even sweeter when his silly wife revealed how betrayed the Goves really were, how terribly ripped off they felt. Altogether now, ahhh…


But now, who do we hate? Gove may be gone but his policies remain alive and afloat, if only for now. We have a clean-skin replacement, a woman and a mother, Nicky Morgan. So a clear attempt to soften the voters, despite her stance on gay marriage and being a corporate lawyer, deep in the bosom of acquisitions and asset stripping (watch this space). But she talked about stopping all the Tory hate-speak. She seems to be the face of reconciliation – not someone teachers or unions or the Labour Party will be able to vent their spleens about. We can expect soft words and perhaps some lessening of the reforming zeal.

Cameron may be a fool and an idiot and an awful lot of other useless things but the removal of such a hate figure as Gove seems to be a very smart move: it takes the wind out of a flotilla of sails. It seems it will beach the opposition, as Tristram Hunt has done little but criticise Gove, not his policies.

We need to hate. Sadly it is one of mankind’s uglier traits, along with anger and jealousy – all emotions that do very little for you, as an individual or nation. Is not the Middle East conflict based on hatred going back years? Is not the current War on Terror between the West and Islam similarly about hate?

Do you remember when the Berlin Wall came down? I was in Alice Springs, it was my first appointment as Head of English, I was pregnant, young and saw the world as full of possibility. The Wall coming down seemed to be an act of hope: the end of the Cold War, the beginning of peace between the West and the Eastern Bloc, the end of the Red Terror.

But how long did we survive without an enemy, without someone to hate? 1990 when the Wall came down to 2001 when the Twin Towers came down (Albeit with the Gulf War in between). Just over ten years – not very long, not long at all. Once again we live in a world driven by hate, by the need to have an enemy.

Is there someone in your life you need to hate? Do you need to have an enemy, are you in a constant state of war? Are you spending your time and energy in negativity, in hating someone that probably doesn’t know or care? Yes, we hate our bosses, our parents, our partners, former lovers, devious friends. But do we need to? Is our hatred of them simply hatred of something in ourselves?

Life is too short to hate. Hatred has no up-side. It depletes you, makes you bitter, nasty, twisted. It takes time and effort to hate, time and effort you should be putting to better use. Rejoice that Gove has gone. Be pleased you no longer have to hate someone you didn’t know, who didn’t care, but who has got what he deserved. And you know what, he’d have got his Karmic punch without you (and me) hating him as much as we have. Now go and be positive somewhere else in your life and do not look for another object of hate to waste your life on.

But if you’re lost without Gove, remember there’s always Tony Abbott, equally offensive, arrogant and stupid. (Images: Michael Gove – The Guardian; Tony Abbott –


Karma and the Wheel of Fortune

June 14, 2014

Allegedly a former senior colleague of mine (and others) endured an incident of humiliation and distress at the hand of an innocent recently, as reported, and then confirmed, on one of the more reliable social networks.

I must confess dear friends that this small defiant action by one person against another, and sadly I do not know the full details, thrilled me to the core. I did feel a tad guilty about my pleasure at their displeasure and distress. But then I remembered only too well what the ‘victim’ had visited on me and many others.

Indeed I feel as if Karma, taking her sweet bloody time, had finally smiled on me and I found myself unusually cheered in the wake of the news.

As we know it is unutterably hard to cope when the Wheel of Fortune is stalled at the bottom in the mud of despair and powerlessness, sometimes at the hands of another, sometimes because of our own foolishness and stupidity. But, if you know your Shakespeare and your Tarot, wheels are always going around and he who rises also falls, just as he who falls also rises.

King Lear was “bound upon a wheel of fire”, having been the king who gave it all away, he went mad and lost his beloved youngest daughter. He didn’t quite manage to get everything back but he had grown from his suffering and it could be argued he died in peace; certainly order was restored to his ravaged kingdom.

Macbeth began as a hero, lauded across the land. Like Lear he began his play at the top of his Wheel of Fortune, but oh did he fall. His act of regicide was only avenged by Macduff , at the end of the play, who completed the karmic circle for Duncan’s sons. Thus the kingdom was restored and all was right in the world again.


This is the heart of Karma, that what goes around comes around – believing that injustice, that your unwarranted suffering at the hands of another will be dealt with, will be avenged. The problem with Karma is that she takes her time and appears in deceptive disguises. It is unlikely that you will be the instrument of your own Karma, especially in our context, that of revenge. And this is what makes keeping the Karmic faith difficult – you have to be patient and you have to trust it will happen.

You are always the instrument of your own Karma when you act for good. While you wait for the evil-doers in your life to get theirs, go about your own business doing good, being good. It will distract you from your suffering and make you a better and stronger person in the meantime. And if you spread good about it will come back to you.

Remember, just like the river, you cannot push Karma against her will, and know that the Wheel of Fortune is ever turning, always falling and rising. Smile, go about your business, be patient. If you believe in justice there will be justice. (Pictures courtesy Private Collection)

Karma – It’s Gonna Get You

November 24, 2012

So life is still shit a lot of the time these days – it’s called being grown up and the sad thing is that when you were a pup you thought things would be all better when you got to this age. Hmm, sadly we know that things don’t necessarily improve with age or experience. You know from previous blogs that bitchy girls become bitchy women and bullying school kids become bullying bosses. But all is not gloom and doom on this late November day.

No indeed, dear friends, because there is always Karma. No matter what you do or where you go Karma will get you in the end. Remember Monkey, on his travels through China with Piggsie, Sandy and Tripitaka? All on their way to Enlightenment, with many a slip up along the way. The disciples fell from time to time: misbehaved, were tempted but every single time they were GOT – dealt with. Not by Triptaka, not always but by a greater force, Karma. Monkey, Piggsie and Sandy always got their just deserts. Badness was punished: goodness rewarded. It was a just world, even if it was full to the brim of fools.

And that’s what we want: Justice. Fairness. We want goodness to be rewarded, otherwise why do we struggle so? We want our efforts, our extra miles to be recognised. The desire to be Good, to be liked keeps many of us going, but also allows many of us to accept what is not right, or fair or just.

We want those who stray too from the path of goodness to be punished. We can cope with foolishness, with failure because we know that simply makes us human and to be human is to fail. But we cannot cope with malice, with lies, with undermining, with people who deliberately and calculatedly do us wrong; who go out of their way to do us harm.

You know them; you’ve met them. Some were once your friends, some were colleagues, people you played sport with, people you socialize with: people you currently endure in the workplace. Sometimes, sadly, they’re a member of your own family.

We waste endless hours plotting against these entities of evil. We waste eternities of emotions on them but all that really happens is that you end up in an ever decreasing spiral of spite and misery, totally obsessed with ‘getting them back’. You become like them, plotting against someone else, taking on their malicious black hearts. But you must stop.

There are two essential points about Karma (from my point of view as a pseudo- Buddhist); both of which pivot on the ‘what goes around comes around’ view of life.

1. You get back what you give out. If you give love and laughter and joy and foolishness and passion and happiness you get it all back from all parts of your life. You know I believe in joy and I sincerely believe that you do reap what you sew – maybe not today or next week but you will get things back. And often in much larger quantities than you gave out.

2. It doesn’t have to be you who delivers the knock out blow to your adversary. It can be you and that will be the sweetest victory but don’t fret if you cannot manage to bring them down on your own, or at the desired time. It’s a pretty safe bet that as they treat you with contempt, disdain, and derision and do their best to destroy you, so they are doing to others. One day, on the ‘what goes around comes around’ Karmic principle they will get theirs. Someone, somewhere will deliver the coup de grace and bury your karmic killer for you. You will not need to lift your sword; they will be vanquished for you. It is, my friends, as inevitable as breathing. Balance will be restored in the universe.

Justice exists. Karma is real. Remember that being good and doing the right thing, just like smiling, takes you a lot further in the world. You have friends and family, you are loved and you will die mourned by many and greatly missed.  Your goodness will live on after you.

Your Karmic foe will fall from grace so spectacularly they won’t even see the ground before they are buried beneath it, and nobody will wipe a tear as the final sod is turned on their miserable little life. (Images courtesy Google Images)