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Build on the Sand – mid week poem

January 16, 2013

To build on the sand, a wise man once said, is to risk it all

But build your enterprise on the rock of certainty, decency and truth

Indeed in the faith of the goodness and ability of men

And you will prevail

You will win the day and the war

Your name, like the greats of the ancient world, will live on

shifting sands2


Look not to the sands

They shift and play with you

Shape change and shimmer in the brightest sun

They cannot withstand the winds that rush through everything

Changing the rules, shifting the goalposts

Prolonging the journey, with the final destination always obscured,

Always out of reach

Doomed to failure

desert sands


The ark was built of wood to float on a violent sea

No-one builds an airplane while flying it

The house build on sand is washed away by the flood

Destroyed in the storm.

An enterprise build in trust, in truth may be shaken,

May incur casualties but it will endure

It will carry its passengers in safety and surety

and all who travel in it will arrive at their destination as intended

Better, stronger, wiser

Ready to embrace the new day, the new world, the new order.



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